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About Us

Russell and Julie Payne

Making learning to dance FUN!

Russell & Julie Payne are the people behind, with the invaluable assistance of a large team of crew members. Russell has been teaching modern jive for over 10 years, and has accumulated a vast wealth of experience and knowledge on the subject along the way. Russell is a former UK modern jive finalist, and first qualified to become an instructor in London in 1997, and more recently has become UKA certified and an associate member of the LeRoc Modern Jive Federation.

Swing, charleston, shag, lindy hop, jive dancers

Swing Dance, Lindy Hop, Jitterbug, Charleston, Collegiate Shag

On occasions, Russell and Julie are sometimes called upon to perform swing dancing in support of big bands to add some visual interest to the performance. Russell & Julie have also appeared in a dancing role in a number of television programmes.