Covid-19 update

Classes are re-opening from Tuesday 27th July!

Please read our page on COVID precautions.

Freestyles? Watch this space.

All classes & freestyles are still closed - for now.

We're very keen to re-open, but we continue to follow the spirit of Government advice and will remain closed for a (hopefully) little while longer.

We've had numerous enquiries from both newbies & existing dancers regarding re-opening. Watch this space for updates! (Or sign up to the newsletter, or 'Like' our Facebook page).

See you soon - from Russell, Julie and all the crew.

See latest government advice at:

Learn to dance! Lessons in Devon, Dorset & Somerset

LEROC is a dance that's easy to learn, great fun to do at parties, and is incredibly social.
Never danced before? Two left feet? Not a problem - you'll be dancing after your first class!


LEROC is a smooth fusion of jive and latin dance styles which is easy to learn, great fun to do, and exciting to watch.

Attending a LEROC class is a combination of learning to dance and enjoying a fun, social mid-week night out… often without realising the physical exercise you're doing!

There are many health benefits to dancing, so why not give it a shot? You don't need any previous experience, or expensive equipment, you don't event need to bring a partner. All you need is yourself!

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Quality instruction
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Our instructors are qualified members of the LeRoc Federation and affiliated to UKA Dance. We strive to provide safe instruction and high teaching standards, with an emphasis on having fun!