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What is LeRoc?

LeRoc is an exciting combination of learning to dance LeRoc (aka modern jive) and enjoying a fun, social mid-week night out!

An irresistible fusion of jive and latin dance styles which is easy to learn, great fun to do, and exciting to watch. Where else can you dance with a partner to Enrique Iglesias, Caro Emerald, Michael Buble, Elvis Presley and Chic all on the same night?

A leroc class night starts at 8pm. Doors open from 7.45pm for you to relax and socialise. The beginner's class is there to help complete beginners take their first safe step into the world of partner dancing with four easy beginner moves.

Then, as the regulars take to the floor for the intermediate class, new people are offered extra help and encouragement by our friendly 'coaches'. After reviewing the beginner class from earlier in the evening, it's straight into the freestyle session where you'll have enough moves to dance the night away!

Find out what happens on a LeRoc class night!