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Some Do's and Dont's of the dance floor...

  • Deodorise
    a good dousing of smellies before the dance can make life much more enjoyable for your partners
  • Awareness
    in the busy traffic of a lively dance floor, try mirror-signal-manouever to minimise collision damage
  • Naughty moves
    it ain't what you do, it's the way that you do it that could upset your partner
  • Carrying drinks
    if the dance floor is between the bar and your table, please go around it as sticky floors aren't much fun
  • Eating garlic
    members of the opposite sex wilting in your presence isn't always down to your charisma
  • Everyone
    has come to dance - so don't just stick to your crowd of friends, put yourself about a bit
  • Teaching and tutting
    there's a time and a place for assisting with technique, definitely not the social dance floor
  • Injuries
    if a collision happens, take time to stop and apologise (this could be the start of a beautiful friendship!)
  • Quirky moves
    simple playful moves involving the music and your partner are better than naff choreographed stuff
  • Unsuitable clothing
    vests expose sweaty/hairy bits (not good), hard heels vastly increase collision damage
  • Eye contact
    dance with your partner and smile a lot, not just when a move goes wrong
  • Torture
    some hand grips and jerky arm movements resemble medieval torture - light and loose please
  • Teachers
    they don't bite you know - they are usually more than happy to dance with new people, so don't be scared
  • End of evening
    if you liked the music, thank the DJ's - they've worked hard for you